Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Big Reveal: Adelaide's New Room!

What a crazy, busy couple of weeks I've had! A few weeks ago I decided to go back to school (starting this summer) and I had so much to do to prepare to just APPLY to the program. Buttload of paperwork? Yup. Financial Aid? Working on it. Placement tests (even though I have my Bachelor's, too much time had lapsed)? OK. Medical Terminolgy class? Er, uh, no. What's that? All the courses all full for spring term? I guess I'll just have to take a challenge test and hope to pass it and waive that requirement. I mean, how hard can it be to teach myself a whole term's worth of information in one week? Turns out, pretty hard. I spent an entire week with my nose inside of a textbook and it paid off....I'll be starting classes in June! So, along with all of that, let's throw in trying to finish the sewing room, trying to eke out (unsuccessfully) a few projects, a sick dog that had to have surgery, a migraine, a few nights of insomnia...well, let's just say I've had my hands full.

But, I was able to put some finishing touches on my/Adelaide's room today and I'm ready to show it off! There's still a few things I need to do but I think it's good enough for now. My main goals in re-doing this room were to make it functional, make it enjoyable to be in there, and to spend as little money as possible. I'm talking like zero, zilch, nada. We did replace the floor with neutral carpeting, bought new paint, new shelving on the walls, and new curtains. We also replaced the old baseboards with brand spanking new ones. And when I say "we", I mean my favorite nephew, Adam (thanks, Adam!)
Everything else in the room I either already had or bought second hand and spiffied it up.

So, let's take a look at few before and afters, shall we?


This is what it looked like when you walked in: dark, dreary, and just an all around hot mess. This is what it looks like now:

Light and bright! I love it! Do you remember this heart attack-inducing disaster?

Gah. Make it go away. Now it looks like this:

The pictures on the wall are prints from the Robot of the Month Club that Big Daddy gave me a couple years ago for Christmas:

These are probably one of my favorite gifts I've ever received....every month for a year I received a new print of a robot doing some sort of activity: knitting, getting a physical, making a snowman. They just make me laugh. Although, not sure if I like them on this wall or not. Maybe I need to paint the frames? Oh well, another day.

How about these ugly closet doors?

How about some wicked awesome curtain panels instead?

Inside the closet before:


Because we have no choice but to put the litter box in this room, I moved it into the closet so it's out of sight. I think the cats like the "privacy curtains", too. And those blue bins on the shelves? Upcoming projects I'm working on:

I plan on spray painting all the bins with chalkboard paint on the front in order to label everything but that's for another day as well.

Lonely armoire before:

Moved to the other side of the room and gussied up:

Hahaha! Dingleberries on the lampshade! I do love me some dingleberries....

Here's a picture of the wall across from the sewing table:

So organized! This gives me such a happy feeling....*sigh*

A shelf I took from another room:

View out the window:

Super cool, vintage kitchen storage bin for flour, sugar, etc. now being used to store sewing stuffs:

On top of the bin is a cushion I made for Alice the Malice:

She likes to hang out with me when I'm working on projects and help. And by help I mean roll around in the fabric, attack any thread or ribbon I'm working with, and just causing general mayhem. Hence the moniker "Alice the Malice". I also found an old doll bed at Goodwill a while back that I turned into a little bed for Alice to hang out on when I'm working away in there:

She loves it:

OK, she doesn't look all that enthused here but, trust me, she loves it :)

So that's Adelaide's new room. Can I just say how much I love it? Um, I love it. A lot. Every time I go in there, it just makes me happy. Now, time to start working on some projects. I'm a little behind...I'm still working on Easter presents for the grandbabies (yes, I said Easter), and a nephew's birthday present that needs to be done in one day, a birthday gift for a friend who's birthday was this past weekend, and get started on Big Daddy's birthday present. Yeah, a little behind.....


  1. Looks nice!! You can get some serious sewing done in that room now! I love the kitchen storage thing! I would have seen that and thought it was so cool but not have gotten it since I wouldn't have wanted to use it in the kitchen. I also love your thread organizer, I need one of those! And the chalkboard paint on the totes, and Alice's bed!...

  2. Thanks! The kitchen thing was $10 at Goodwill....way more than I usually spend on something there...and I didn't know what I was going to use it for but I just had to have it!

  3. Wow - it looks great! It sounds like you have a lot of stuff going on also - I had no idea you're going back to school. We need to get caught up one of these days.