Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All Aboard!

My granddaughter loves trains so when I saw this conductor hat tutuorial on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to make her one for her upcoming 3rd birthday. I found this a cute pink, brown, and green striped fabric on clearance that would be perfect so I happily bought it and skipped all the way home to whip this easy hat up!

I was about halfway into it when I realized that this hat was going to be way too small. So back to the fabric store I go. And of course the cute fabric is gone. So I search and search and search for something similiar and finally decided on a fabric that looked absolutely nothing like the original fabric. Oh well....

The tutorial was easy to follow and it really didn't take too long to make; after the fabric debaucle, maybe a couple hours. I chose to leave out the elastic on the hat band, though, so that may add another 15 minutes or so.

The inside is lined with red corduroy scrap fabric I had. I also added some red ric rac around the the hat band for some decoration. OK, it's actually to cover up some funky stitch lines but whatever. And since I went to the trouble, I finished the smaller one for Little Sister:

I don't know how excited they were about them but at least they kept them on long enough fo rme to snap a few pictures :)

And here's goofy Keeley and her Thomas the Train hat:

(Excuse the dog butt behind her) And little sister Kira:

Pretty cute, right? And the hats didn't turn out so bad either :)