Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Very First Handmade Gift of the Year!

OK, here it very first handmade gift of the year! I made this rag quilt for my nephew and niece-in-law's (is that a word?) new baby. Well, for the baby shower:

Cute, right? And here's a close-up of the face:

It's actually quite large. Of course, I forgot to measure exactly how big it is but I'd say it's probably 3 feet wide and maybe close to 5 feet long. Yeah, it's a big sucker. Now, before you go thinking, "Oh, Darci probably has lots of sewing experience under her belt to make something this awesome", (that is what you were thinking, right? Right?) the answer would be a resounding NO! I can sew a straight line and sometimes not even that. But I fell in love with this pattern so I decided to give it a try.

I'm not gonna lie to kind of stressed me out. I had never actually used a pattern before but I thought the instructions would be pretty self explanatory. When I read the instructions, I immediately thought, "Oh crap" and ran out to buy a "Everything you need to know about sewing" book. And a seam ripper. I also had a little difficulty with the embroidery for the mouth....if you look closely, it sort of looks like an old lady putting on lipstick.

But I think it turned out pretty good and I see a few more these rag quilts in my future. I'm working on my next gift and I can't wait to show it to you!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Meet Adelaide the Magnificent

This is Adelaide. Yes, she is a sewing machine. No, I'm not crazy. Not really. Anyways, Adelaide and I go way back. Waaaaaay back. I bought her about ten years ago and she has since helped through a few very basic projects but for the most part, she has been banished to the closet or shoved under a desk. You see, I get frustrated easily and I usually blame my ineptitude on her. So my goal is to renew our friendship and hopefully create some beautiful projects along the way.

I have completed my first handmade gift of the year but I'll save that for my next post (cliffhanger!!) Stay tuned!