Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Big Daddy Part Two

Big Daddy is a golf freak. He golfs about twice a week and goes on an annual golf trip with his friends every year. He even has his own golf blog called Breaking 80!....I guess that's a golf reference? Anyhoo, so, of course I wanted to make something golf related for his birthday present.

Several months ago I found this tutorial on sewing a golf towel here. Perfect! The tutorial was super easy to follow and Big Daddy loved this gift! Here's the inside of the towel:

The bottom corner is folded up and then sewn on one side to created a pocket to make it easier to clean golf balls and clubs. Of course, I had to personalize his towel:

And here's an action shot of the towel:

Excuse the messy garage. I also wanted to make him a matching bag for his golf shoes. I found a tutorial online (I forget where) that I tried out and it just wasn't working. I think it was designed for Women's Size 5 shoes, not freakishly large Big Daddy size 12. When I finished it, I realized that he could maybe fit his hand into the bag but definitely not a shoe, let alone both shoes. So I started all over and made it up as I went along. And this is what I came up with:

I also wanted to line it on the inside with the same towel-type material that I used on the towel. I added a couple of large snaps on top so it would be able to close:

After Big Daddy opened it, he asked if I could add some handles to it, to make it easier to carry. Done!

And another action shot (minus the shoes):

Um, yeah, it kind of looks like a man-purse. I'm sure it will look much more manly once there's golf shoes inside of it. Hopefully.


  1. It's a total man purse :) But it turned out great!! :)

  2. Thanks! I'm not sure how I can make it look un-man-pursey...I guess he's stuck with it :)

  3. The towel rocks and the bag will be good to hold misc golf accessories that I take with me to the course; it is to good to put my dirty old shoes in. I am very happy with both! Thanks BABE!!!!