Wednesday, April 21, 2010

10 Projects in 10 Days Update

So it's been a few days and I thought I'd update you on how my project list is coming.

1. Finish deck chair cushion and pillow - Done! Last summer I bought this old wooden chair at a garage sale for $3:

Three dollars, People!!!! I love how it's old and rustic looking. But it was missing something. A few weeks ago I found a cute cushion cover at Goodwill, some scrap fabric at Joann's and, of course, my beloved dingleberries. And now this is sitting outside my front door:

Cute! I tried ironing the cushion cover but ironing is not really my "thing". I'm OK with it being a little wrinkly.

2. Wash windows inside and out - Done! And it was disgusting. Cleaning windows isn't really my "thing" either. I even got out some Q-tips and cleaned out the window tracking. Yeah, I'm hardcore.

3. Bark the flower beds - Half done. Ran out of bark but just got some more yesterday so no more excuses.

4. Clean off potting bench - Nope, haven't even started.

5. Finish Big Daddy’s birthday present - Done! Posted about it the other day.

6. Finish nephew’s birthday present - Done! Will be posting pictures soon!

7. Finish friend’s birthday present - Not yet. That's my plan for today.

8. Sew pocket storage for trailer - Done! A while back Big Daddy and I bought a tent trailer and we love it! However, it needs some handy storage, mainly near the bed so we have easy access to our glasses, headlamps, books and that sort of thing during the night. I thought that I would just sew a couple of pockets to hang from the tent poles that are near our heads when we sleep. And this is what I came up with:

I was looking for some camping-themed appliques to put on them but couldn't find any so for my pocket I put on a cute little owl:

I wanted something a little more "manly" for Big Daddy. This was all I could find:

Need a closer look? Watch might get judo chopped!

9. Clean up debris in yard - Nope

10. List stuff on Craigslist - Nope

And quite honestly, these last two probably won't get done before we leave. But I'm OK with that :)

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  1. Just a couple things...

    1) Try a steamer instead of an iron. Works wonders and kinda fun.

    2) The chair looks awesome. I bet Frank could make them and sell them on craigslist.

    3) Please... Enough with the dingleberries.

    4) Ewww Q-Tips

    5) I'm jealous - I want a trailer

    Your Sis...