Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Extreme Home Makeover: Adelaide Edition

I started working on a few Easter gifts a couple weeks ago and then got very, very sidetracked. The room that I've dedicated to do all my sewing and crafts has also been acting as an office/storage/catch-all room and quite honestly, it just wasn't working. There was soooooo much STUFF in there! I was constantly moving things around, stacking and piling things, and spent so much time just looking for stuff, that it took the joy out of actually doing a project. So I decided to put a hold on some gifts and treat myself.

It was time to clear out all the crap from the sewing room/office and start all over. And it has definitely taken some time. Lots and lots of time. And I am still not done. But I will give you a little sneak peak at what I was dealing with before:

I'm still working out how to take a good picture. But this is how it looked as you walked in the room: messy bookshelves, Montel the Turtle's tank, and a cat box (don't judge!). Blerg.

And here is sad, little Adelaide. On a borrowed sewing table. With god-awful booger-green paint on the walls (I happened to think it was quite chic ten years ago when I painted it).

Oh. My. God. Just looking at this pictures makes me break out in hives. Seriously. Look at all that crap. What was I thinking??? But now all of that is just a memory :) The room is not done yet and I don't think I'll post a reveal just yet...I need to do a few more things to it first. But here's a during picture:

Already, it is MILES better!

Poor Adelaide....all alone and banished to the hallway.....don't worry, girl, we'll get the band back together soon.....

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